• Cubescan Bladder Scanners

    de Smit Medical Systems Ltd are exclusive UK distributors on behalf of MCube Technology Ltd of Korea for Cubescan BioCon500 and Biocon700 bladder scanners. Cubescan bladder scanners are portable, 3-dimensional ultrasonic devices to measure bladder volume through a safe, comfortable and non-invasive method.

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We at de Smit Medical Systems Ltd wish to make it very clear that we are the UK & Ireland exclusive distributors and service centre for the Cubescan bladder scanner range.

It has been rumoured by others that there is no longer a supplier in the UK and Ireland.  Please download the following official statement from the manufacturers, MCube Technology Ltd, Korea - Official Statement (PDF).

The manufacturers approve only original parts to be placed in their equipment, otherwise warranty will not be upheld.  These parts are only available from de Smit Medical Systems Ltd.

If you have any queries relating to this statement, please contact Lyn de Smit on 0845 3454 226.